Prenatal Yoga 

Current Series Dates: There are no classes scheduled at this time. Please email me if interested.

Time & Day: TBA
Cost: $36 (new price) for a six week series.
What to bring: A yoga mat and two firm bed pillows, long ones work best. 
Location: TBA 
Payment options: Cash, Check (make payable too: Jenni Hulet), PayPal (pp address:

Please email me to make sure there is room in the series. It fills fast. If there is not room right away, You will be put on the waiting list. Spots are constantly opening up as ladies have their babies.

Classes must be paid in full at the beginning of each series or whenever you start. If there is room to start in the middle of a series your fees will be pro-rated. Because of the offered low price, there are no 'makeups' on classes. After 36 weeks you can just pay for a few classes at a time. Other wise you must pay for the whole series to hold your spot.