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  1. Wonderful website. Will have to explore more recipes. I like the green apple dutch oven.

  2. Your website is so wonderful. I recently purchased brazil nut flour from loving earth I was just wondering if you have used this product and if you have any brazil nut flour recipes?

  3. Hey, friend. Digging in here. Any chance you could do "nut free" the way you've done with "egg free"? So many things look good, but you know our nut issues.

    1. I have labeled the nut free recipes as well if that helps. I'd say that at least 50% of my recipes are nut free. However in regards to "baked goods", nut free is much less of an option in grain free baking. I do have quite a few coconut flour recipes that are technically considered to be nut free. However if coconut is an issue as well, then I'm sorry to day I have very little baked goods that would be useful to you.