Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Triple Chocolate Chipotle Cake Truffles (Grain/Dairy/Gluten/Nut Free)

Today I have the privilege of guest posting over at Civilized Caveman.This man is just brilliant. Not only is his site full of amazing, tasty and DOABLE recipes but he has also just released a new cook book called Caveman Feast. This book is seriously a must have....whether you're Paleo or not!

Today I am sharing my Triple Chocolate Chipotle Cake Truffles recipe. This nut free, coconut flour based recipe is a FAVORITE in our house. They are also super fun to make with kids! The chipotle in the recipe is mild enough that my kids like it and just strong enough to give it a nice smokey flavor. You could always add more if you really like to feel the burn. So go check it out, look around George's site and definitely check out his new book!


  1. these look amazing! i wondered if you worry about missing nutrients from butter/milk/yogurt? i can't have dairy and wonder about that.

    1. Not at all. We've been conditioned to think that dairy is a needed part of our diet, but we really can get all the nutrition we need from other foods as well. My whole family sees a clinical nutritionist and he doesn't worry the slightest about it.

  2. thank you so much! that's encouraging. -beth

  3. Saw these on tastespotting but that led me to civilized caveman but wanted to see more so here I am! So happy to have found this site. Beautiful and delicious. I'll visit often :-)