Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Egg Free Vanilla Bean, Coconut Macaroons (A Guest Post At Mommypotamus)

This one of my families all time favorite recipes! These egg free macaroons are packed with coconut oil goodness (I think that means they actually make you lose weight...right?), sweetened with honey, and accented with vanilla. Simple ingredients, simple instructions and simply delicious. Best of all they are EGG FREE for all of you "eggfreebies" (yea, that's my new word). Paleo/Vegan/Raw/Gaps/Primal

These macaroons can be made vegan by subbing the honey for a vegan friendly sweetener like coconut nectar or maple syrup. Even though they are baked at the low temp of 195 degrees, they can also be made officially raw by using a dehydrator to 'set' them instead of your oven  and using "Let's Do Organic" shredded coconut (Yep it's "raw", checked with the company). 

Note: "Let's do Organic" shredded coconut IS my preferred coconut for this cookie in regards to texture as well. I have tried it with the "Bobs Redmill" brand of shredded coconut, and it's good, but a bit crumbly due to it's coarse grind. Baking/dehydrating times will vary, depending on your oven/dehydrator.

Join me over at "Mommypotamus" (where I'm guest posting) for the RECIPE!


  1. Cookies that actually make you lose weight? I am so on that! LOL Even if that doesn't exactly work out that way, these definitely look worth the calories. ;)

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  3. Jenni - just found your blog and became hooked immediately! I made these & posted a comment on Mommypotamus. The verdict = delicious! Thanks, Jenni!